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IT Security is the process of implementing measures and systems designed to securely protect and safeguard information (business and personal data, voice conversations, still images, motion pictures, multimedia presentations, including those not yet conceived) utilizing various forms of technology developed to create, store, use and exchange such information against any unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby preserving the value, confidentiality, integrity, availability, intended use and its ability to perform their permitted critical functions.

A penetration test, or a pentest, is a simulation of a hacker attack on a network, system, application or website. It is used to discover existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses before hackers find and exploit them. Prevention is better than cure: are you 100% confident that your corporate network and information are safe? Our pentesting service helps you validate, improve and ensure efficiency and effectiveness of your information security systems. We don't just discover vulnerabilities, our penetration test reports include personalized instructions how to fix discovered vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

High-Tech Bridge’s security experts use globally recognized penetration testing standards, as well as High-Tech Bridge’s proprietary methodologies: LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester methodology from EC-Council) OSTTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework) WASC-TC (Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification) PTF (Penetration Testing Framework) OISSG (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework) NIST SP800-115 (Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment)

  1. Auditing & Compliance The main purpose of a security audit is to discover weak points in the architecture of your IT infrastructure. Penetration testing is not always enough to discover architectural weaknesses, such as update mechanisms, encryption strength, user management, or confidential data processing. Security Audit will properly identify all of them. Our security audits help you ensure that threats to IT and business process are being properly addressed. Security audits include mechanisms not covered by penetration test scope, such as security policy, safe storage and encryption. High-Tech Bridge is trusted by the international organizations, banks and FT500 companies for IT security services.
  1. Our ethical hacking services include multiple types of manual penetration tests: External Penetration Testing - attacks on DMZ and front-side servers, attacks on web applications and websites, War Dialing and attacks on PABX, external physical security verification (intrusion to cables and wireless network from the outside). Internal Penetration Testing - attacks on client-side applications, Trojan horse infiltration to by-pass existing protection mechanisms, malicious employee/insider behavior simulation, access to malicious or unauthorized content simulation, social engineering and phishing attacks. Hybrid Penetration Testing - simulation of lost or stolen portable and mobile devices, attacks from trusted networks, attacks on wireless networks and mobile communication channels, attacks on corporate smartphones.

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