Security Program Development



According the most recent OWASP survey of CISO’s, 43% of organizations do not have a documented security strategy. This results in a lack of guidance of where to make effective investments, an inadequate response to security incidents, and solutions based on industry hype that may not match corporate objectives.

Align with Your Needs

Customized around your particular threats, risk appetite, and business goals, our program development engagements take a holistic view of your organization and the need to align with various standards such as ISO 27001, FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, and various maturity models.

Measure Improvement

Our programs are designed to drive measurable improvements over a multi–month timeframe and address both strategic and tactical aspects of improving security, including a prioritized set of security initiatives to be implemented by existing teams. We develop detailed documentation including a maturity assessment, tactical and strategic recommendations, and a prioritized execution roadmap.